Accommodation in private rooming house. information and support by a personal tour guide (English-speaking). Comfortable transport. Old Havana tour. classic car tour. Viñales valley day tour. Tobacco farm. Visits and trips to city. Mountain and beach.

(tropical massage sessions, Caribbean yoga with east techniques and physical gymnastics in sea and land linked to the traditional rhythms of Cuban music)

What would happen if you traveled through time?

Dear visitor, you may be the director of your own movie in the Western and Center part of the Island, keeping in your camera, authentic images and memories of our cities, beaches and mountains, and mainly of our Cuban people. It is advisable to be always prepared for surprises. We have to tell you that this Island is a perfect encounter point for European, African and American cultures.

What is it Included on the Tour?

 The Tour has a Cuban English-speaking tour guide, who will inform you about everything during the excursion.
 Information and help at the airport.
 Transfer – airport – private rooming house – airport.
 Comfort assured in Comfortable automobile during the whole program.
 Accommodation in private rooming house with B & B system.
 An exquisite selection of activities, visits and excursions, in which you will be able to know and remember with pleasure the different cities, beaches and mountains of the Western and Center part of the Island.
 (Sessions of tropical massages, Caribbean Yoga with east techniques and Physical gymnastics in sea and land linked to the traditional rhythms of Cuban music)

What are some of the tour highlights?

 An excellent guided trip for a complete day in Old Havana.
 Tour through Havana in a Classic American Car.
 To visit the historic military fortresses on the east side of the port.
 Exploration to the most interesting places in the Bahía de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs).
 A guided walk to know history and its main topics in each destination.
 An excursion to the mountains of the south center of Cuba. A guided visit to the Natural Park, El Nicho, great flora variety and fauna, rivers and natural pools.
 You can see how tobacco is cultivated in Viñales Valley.
 Know outstanding and young Cuban artists in the different manifestations of Art.

Our Cuba Private Tours Schedule

First day: arrival in Havana
Second day: coming to know Havana
Third day: arrival in Cienfuegos
Fourth day: coming to know Cienfuegos and its surroundings (Bay of Pigs)
Fifth day: exploring the mountains of the Center of the Island.
Sixth day: discovering Trinidad and its surroundings.
Seventh day: coming to know Pinar del Río.
Eighth day: discovering Viñales Valley
Ninth day: Havana.

Estimated Travel Times

The estimated travel times between destinations on this 9 Days of Tour are found below. For the longer journey’s our guides like to break-up the journey by stopping for lunch and at various points of interest along the way.
Havana – Cienfuegos: 3 hours
Cienfuegos – Bay of Pigs return: 2 hours
Cienfuegos – Mountains –Trinidad: 3 hours
Trinidad – Viñales Valley: 5 hours
Viñales Valley – Havana: 2 hours

Comfortable transport

For this nine days private Cuba tour we use private transportation throughout. Comfort assured in every tour. You will move in a comfortable automobile with a capacity between 6 and 10 PAX, this car will be available during the whole program.

Price per person USD$250.00 + 'Local services' $680.00 (CUC)*
Two guests sharing lodging at the same private home (B&B).
If you want a lodging with specific characteristics, for example, a private house with view to the sea, terrace, central location, location on a beach area, et cetera, please contact us, our team can help you with different lodging options in all this Island.
Children (2-15) years, sharing room with two adults, are free of charge. Also we can do excellent discounts for booking of group (4+). Our team always considers your interests.
Note: *(CUC) Cuban Convertible Peso

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