​Let me tell you a little story

​Let me tell you a little story

Discover Cuba and share family moments in a simple and funny way

We designed private family tours focused on developing children 's learning, and family member ´s health improvement, through fun and didactic games, and physical - recreational - cultural activities.Let me tell you a little story ...

It all began one summer afternoon in 2014, when a group of friends decided to explore the center of Cuba. Apart from looking for authentic photographs, drinking dozens of “mojitos”, Practicing some “salsa” steps, our main objective was to live an extraordinary experience. Nights were considerably long and hot, but also happy. We traveled around the whole south of Bay of Pigs, the mountains of Cienfuegos and the old Village of Trinidad. Loading trucks and the most diverse country vehicles were our means of transportation. A backpack, some money and a guitar were enough for that.and cultural activities.
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Cuban Sunrise

Private Family Tour

A family trip, life 's memories


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