Why a private tour to Cuba?

Why a private tour to Cuba?

Why a private tour to Cuba?

Our tours have been tailored for your well-being, and always with your specifications. In these journeys you can move to your own rhythm, select your own trips and enjoy the authenticity of the Cuban people. Our team of experts is here to build the perfect itinerary that you deserve. You can be traveling alone, in couples, either in a small group or a great family... If you spend two days in Havana or a complete month in Cuba... if your interests are about history, culture, music and dance, or maybe an adventure —our private tours on Island can be adapted, specifically, to provide you with a unique and memorable experience.

Comfortable transport

Your private trip to Cuba with us may include private taxis with air – conditioned system, minivan, bus or even transport in an American classic car. But first, a useful advice: Cuba, as an island, is often much bigger of what people think. The time you might spend on a car may be really extensive. For this reason, it can be difficult to visit many towns and cities in a short period of time. If you will stay in Cuba for a few days, we recommend you to be centered.


In the private tours to Cuba we can build an itinerary that includes your favorite destinations, activities and excursions. Besides, through an advisory process, our team of experts will recommend and reserve your accommodation and transport for your total tranquility. All our private tours on Cuba will be accompanied by an experienced Cuban tour guide who speaks English.

What would you like to do in a private tour in Cuba?

Dear visitor, do you want to dive in Cienfuegos, learn how to dance “salsa” in Trinidad or to go along the Havana Seawall in a classic American car? In a private tour to Cuba, we can include a great variety of excursions and optional activities.
Please, use our private advisory service to travel and begin to build the itinerary that you want to. You can contact us responding the following questions:
When do you plan to visit Cuba (the estimates are okay)?
How long will you stay in Cuba during your private trip?
Is there a particular destination that you would like to visit?
Some activity or trip that you would like to include?
Do you have a determined budget for your trip?

This helps us to recommend you the transport and lodging options for your private trip to Cuba.

The private rooming houses of Cuba …an authentic life.

For many people a private rooming house is synonym of Cuba, to accommodate in one of these houses will be an important moment in your trip. In Cuban homes you will be received as a Cuban and you will feel as a member of the family. The owners of the houses are proud of receiving foreign guests, providing a wonderful level of attention and quality of the services all the time.

We can reserve a wide range of lodging options. You can comment us about the characteristics, likes and preferences related to your lodging! That is: if you want a house located in downtown, with terrace, view to the sea or beach area, we will help you to get it, being this a favorite option for most of the visitors. It is important that you reserve once you decide. The election is yours. Just tell us your preferences and let our team of experts in Cuban trips be in charge of the rest.

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