About us

About us

Let me tell you a little story ...

It all began one summer afternoon in 2014, when a group of friends decided to explore the center of Cuba. Apart from looking for authentic photographs, drinking dozens of “mojitos”, Practicing some “salsa” steps, our main objective was to live an extraordinary experience. Nights were considerably long and hot, but also happy. We traveled around the whole south of Bay of Pigs, the mountains of Cienfuegos and the old Village of Trinidad. Loading trucks and the most diverse country vehicles were our means of transportation. A backpack, some money and a guitar were enough for that.

A family trip, life´s memories

That was the beginning of Cuban Sunrise. Today a team of young Cuban professionals aims to inspire families around the world to seek new memories, because of the impact it may have in the spirituality of each person and influence the success of children, leading us to grow and transcend in societies where the exchange of cultures favors a better world.We believe that the inspiration of a memory can create the future. For this reason We design family vacation plans focused on developing children's learning, and the enrichment of the elderly health, through physical, recreational and cultural activities.
connection with life

Our work team is made up of young Cuban graduated from higher education (average 28 years). We have experience in each of the areas of work and a high disposition toward individual improvement and teamwork.

…our mission is to make possible that you and your family have the best memories.

davied1.jpg Davied Espinosa Cuellar
Cienfuegos 1987. Graduated in Accounting and Finances, from the University of Cienfuegos “Carlos Rafael Rodríguez".
His final project to opt for the graduate's title was done in the Provincial Hospital of Cienfuegos, taking the specialty of Hospital Costs for patient with hip fracture. Davied is an expert of the Cuban minor percussion: güiro, maracas, claves, and bongo. He likes to dance and is a lover of photography.
-I am a sociable, talkative and empathic person.

11122.jpg Liandy Eduarte García
Cienfuegos 1985. Graduated in Law. He obtained the Bachelor degree in Law in 2008, from University of Villa Clara Province, “Marta Abreu”.
Since 2016, he has in Master degree in Economic Law, from the University of Havana. His paper’s title was “The right to create an enterprise in Cuba”.
Liandy likes a lot to eat beans, play soccer and make friends.
-I am a sociable, well-balanced and loyal person.

claudia.jpg Claudia Martinez Bueno
Cienfuegos 1987. Graduated in Journalism from the University “Marta Abreu”, Villa Clara Province, in 2010.
In September, 2010, she began to work as press reporter for the Radio Provincial Chain of Cienfuegos, covering the culture sector and all the topics related to the material and immaterial heritage, museums, theater, cinema, plastic arts, and particularly, for the Office of the City´s Curator.
Claudia likes to paint, to play with her baby Alex, and enjoys cooking.
-Three are my constants: perseverance, charisma and commitment.

esta-aurelio.jpg Aurelio Díaz Núñez
Cienfuegos 1987. Engineer in Computer Sciences. Graduated from the University of the Computer Sciences in Havana.
His final project to achieve the engineer's title in Computer Sciences was done in the UCI, in the Center of Development of “Geoinformática”.
Aurelio possesses knowledge about Technologies of the Information and Communications. He loves the Cuban culture, likes to dance and he is fond of the different forms of the art.
-I am a sociable and amusing person.

yasell.jpg Yasel González Ulacia
Villa Clara, 1986. Graduated in Economy.
Since 2003, he practices massage and other oriental therapies, as the Japanese massage, Yoga and Aiki-ju-jutsu. He has also worked as a tour guide both in the cultural and sports fields for five years.
He is the sort of person that always enjoy learning something new and having different challenges on a daily base. He likes also practicing martial arts.
-I characterize myself as cheerful, centered and loyal.

omar-nosotros.jpg Omar Chávez Verona
Cienfuegos 1988. Graduated in Physical Culture, Sports and Recreation, from the University of Cienfuegos “Carlos Rafael Rodríguez".
His final project to achieve the bachelor was titled: “A study about flexibility in a judo team of high performance".
He practices different oriental therapies since 2009, with an emphasis on massage and corporal relaxation. He has also worked as a tour guide in the western and center of the island.
-I consider myself a friendly person.

Responsible Travel

Cuba therefore aims to provide our fellow visitors with experiences that have a positive impact on them in the locations they visit – promoting Responsible Travel in Cuba. As visitors from another country, you should never impose your own culture, traditions or beliefs on others and instead, look to appreciate those of the locals and experience firsthand a different way of life.

At Cuban Sunrise we believe that giving something back to the community is essential, because it is this community that makes our tours such a success. We work with our fellow visitors, clients, employees, and local contacts to ensure the successes of our business go directly back into the community and into protecting Cuba’s precious environment. We take responsible travel in Cuba very seriously.

Our responsible travel policy:

– Being efficient in our use of natural resources.
– Minimizing environmental damage due to items that can carry a negative impact
– Leaving accommodation sites in better conditions than we find them.

We use every available opportunity to remind our staff of the importance of the need to reduce, re-use and recycle. All of our guides are aware of our responsible tourism objectives and values and buy into the importance of this message.

This is not only good for the communities we visit, but it also gives our travelers more enriched adventures.

What we focus on from this moment will create the life and the person we will be.


a happiness for the heart


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